Your Results


What to do after your tests

It is best practice and our preferred method that if your medical condition requires blood tests or scans/xrays then we discuss this with you in person in a follow up appointment. Please ensure that you schedule this with our front desk approximately 4 or so working days after completing your tests. 

Alternatively you may ring the surgery 4 days after completing your tests and ask the secretaries about your results.  Please note that our non-medically trained staff can only give limited information about your test results and to have any explanation or details a followup appointment with your doctor will be advised.

Abnormal Test Results

If your result is significantly abnormal requiring follow up action then our secretaries will contact you offering you a recall appointment time and date.

Recall Appointments

It is very important that you don't miss any recall appointments scheduled for discussion of test results that need attention.  

Patient Registers

There are circumstances where you will be automatically placed on a government initiated register system where you will be reminded to attend for certain procedures, eg PAP smears, faecal occult blood testing. You may receive notices from time to time about these.