Nursing Services

At The Belmore Surgery,  various types of medical  services are provided by our practice nurses.  These services can be booked through our reception staff, or you may be referred to these services when you visit your doctor.

  • Immunisations
  • Wound Dressings
  • PAP Smear Clinics
  • Health Assessments (for those aged over 75)
  • DVA CVC Program
  • General Practitioner Management Plan (GPMP)
  • Team Care Arrangements (TCA)
  • ECG
  • Spirometry
  • Iron Infusions
  • Suture removal
  • Conducting components of employment medicals 


Occupational Medicine

  • Employment Medicals
  • WorkCover injury management
  • Aviation Medicals including immediate issuing of uncomplicated Class 2 medicals
  • Trucksafe, BFM and Commercial licence medicals
  • Rail Medicals (Category 1,2 and 3)

Other Services

Skin Cancer Excisions/Minor Ops

Skin cancer excisions are routinely performed in our practice. These procedures generally involve a longer appointment (30min), the use of local anaesthetic injection, and sutures to close the wound. Specimens are collected for analysis and sent to pathology.

These results can take up to 7 days to come back, as they are processed in Sydney. In the vast majority of cases you will have sutures that require you to return for an appointment with the practice nurse at day 8 or 9 to be removed.  You will usually be advised of your results then.  If you have any concerns about pain, wound swelling, discharge or redness then come in earlier to be reviewed by the practice nurse or your doctor. 

Leave the dressing on for 3-4 days 

Remove the dressing after 3-4 days and replace it, daily fresh bandaids may suffice for a small wound, a larger one will require larger dressings purchased from your chemist. Keep the wound clean. 

After 5 days you may get the wound wet, eg in a shower, but pat dry it off thoroughly afterwards. 

Unless otherwise specified the sutures will have to be removed by the practice nurse, around 8-9 days after your procedure.

Please attend the surgery as soon as possible if you notice any increase in swelling, redness, pain, or bleeding.

Try to avoid strenuous activities that can put tension on the wound causing it to open up, for at least the first 5 days after you have the sutures removed.

The scar may remain red, slightly tender and prominent for the first few months, after this it should fade to whiter colour. Please notify your doctor if you have any ongoing concerns.

The fee for each excision varies on the pathology results and usually you will be charged only once the results come back.

Iron Infusions

Iron Infusions are available for treatment of iron deficiency, not adequately treated by oral preparations. It will involve an intravenous cannula (needle) being inserted in your forearm and a drip running for approximately 15-20minutes.  

You CANNOT have an iron infusion if:

You have severe liver disease

You have a significant infection

You have serious allergies, or previous reactions to intravenous iron

You are pregnant and in your first trimester (12 weeks or less)


Pain at insertion site


Low blood pressure






Joint pain

Permanent staining under the skin (like a tattoo) if the cannula is leaking or incorrectly placed.

In general an iron infusion will take approximately 30 minutes with the doctor and nurse in attendance, due to costs of equipment a long consultation be charged at the standard practice fee which incurs a gap cost. After an infusion you should wait 30 minutes in our surgery.