To protect all of our patients from the spread of this virus we are advising anyone with flu like symptoms, a fever with muscle aches/headache that they do not come into the surgery but ring instead. 

Telephone consultations are available.

The National Information Helpline  1800 020 080

Preventing Coronavirus


Infection Control



Use alcohol hand cleaners, and wash hands with soap and water for 30seconds. Avoid shaking hands and touching public surfaces.


Personal Contact

Cough into your elbow, wear a mask, avoid crowded areas. Do not go to work if you have any flu like symptoms.

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Covid 19 Testing


 Testing is simple, fast and just a little uncomfortable.  A swab, like a long cotton bud is brushed up against your tonsils, then inserted into one of your nostrils and advanced 3cm.  The whole process takes less than 3 minutes.  You may experience mild discomfort during this procedure, and a gagging sensation with the throat testing. Results may take 1-2 days before being available.

Tamworth Hospital Testing

 This is done drive through in the car park at eastern end of Johnston St, opposite Smith St Practice, 9-4pm Monday to Friday.  Bookings are essential ring  1800 881 568 

You are will have to wait a few days to get an appointment.  There is no cost and you do not need a referral from your doctor.

Private Pathology Testing (Douglas Hanly Moir)

This private pathology clinic is located in Peel st next to Castlereagh radiology, near the corner of Darling st.  You need a referral from your doctor.  There is no cost for testing. Usual wait times are not great and you can usually be tested on the day.

You need to wait in your car outside the clinic, obtain mask to wear if possible.  Ring 67662401 to advise staff that you are ready and they will tell you when to enter the building.